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Eddy's Wheel Repair can provide a straightening service for many wheel types. The method is safe and effective and can return misshapen wheels to a state that will be successfully balanced, which is all a part of Eddie's Wheel Repair service.

Correcting the buckle will enhance the performance of your car, prevent potentially costly suspension repair bills and from having to shop for new tyres. We will do a quote accordingly before any work proceeds.


Hydraulic machine is used to expertly re-shape your alloys to their original shape. Reverting the wheel to a 'circle' will stop any air loss and vibration that the buckle may be causing.

Straightening any buckled wheel may result in a small wheel crack, although the danger is minimal. Eddie's Wheel Repair also can repair this simultaneously, and that we would contact you accordingly before proceeding, so you're aware of the processes and any extra costs.


It might be hard to know if your wheel has sustained damage, but there are a few things to look out at while driving that might indicate a buckle has happened. If your car starts to shake slightly or the steering wheel vibrates, your wheel may have sustained a buckle. You should also keep an eye for premature and uneven tyre wear additionally to unnecessary wear and tear on your car's suspension.

If you think you have sustained it, the best advice is to bring it to a reputable alloy wheel repair company like Eddy's Wheel Repair. If your alloy isn't straight, the vibrations will degrade your tyres and might cause severe damage to both the steering and suspension systems.

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