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At " Eddy's Wheel Repair , we aim to supply the newest painting techniques, which is why we introduced powder coating alloy wheels. We can offer all colour options, and our experts can ensure factory standard quality.

Powder coated alloy wheels provide a better finish than wet paint. Additionally to its physical toughness, powder coating provides superior colour retention. It's more proof against chipping, scratching , and other wear off of the thermal bonding it undergoes during curing. 


We start by chemically removing paint and bringing the wheels back to the bare metal for an outstanding result. We then sandblast the wheel which ensures any residual material is gone and also eliminates any surface corrosion. We then apply a three coat finish with a powder coat primer to prevent corrosion, a coat of paint, and scratch-proof lacquer from protecting the wheel against the weather. It leads to a high-quality, durable finish for your rims.


Powder coating is an electrically bonded powder that sticks to materials via a process called "electrostatic attraction when sprayed." When paint particles are sprayed onto alloys, it creates a coating that is then cured via oven.

Once allowed to cool down, the alloy wheel is then coated with a second layer, with this round consisting of a transparent coat. The wheel is then baked yet another time before being allowed to cool down completely, at which point it's ready to be used. It leads to a highly resilient painted surface much more environmentally friendly than traditional paints because it isn't high in VOCs and doesn't require harmful chemicals for clean-up.

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